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Our Aldabra tortoises are perfect cute, bowling ball smooth, excellent specimens that we are extremely proud of. These cute 3-6″ baby Aldabra tortoises are eating a variety of calcium dusted greens, mazuri tortoise chow, opuntia cactus and are doing fantastic.  Though we offer baby Aldabra tortoises for sale, we always recommend the 6-month-old well started Aldabra tortoises for sale or yearlings over the more fragile baby giant Aldabra tortoise hatchlings for sale.  

The Galápagos tortoise complex or Galápagos giant tortoise complex is a species complex of 15 very large tortoise species in the genus Chelonoidis. They are the largest living species of tortoise, with some modern Galápagos tortoises weighing up to 417 kg.

We do all of the work - screening and vetting breeders, performing health checks and coordinating travel so you can focus on what really matters: welcoming home your new furry family member!

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