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 As cute and cuddly as a new cat is, they are also a lot of work, especially if you’re getting a kitten instead of a fully grown cat. Cats .

20 Fun Facts You Didn't Know About Devon Rex Cats

he Devon Rex, the Pixie of the Cat Fancy, sports oversized ears on an elfin face with large impish eyes.

Abyssinian cats - Funky Valentine WCF - Belgrade, Serbia

Abyssinians are active cats and generally will keep their weight under control with compensating exercise.

Bundle of naked kittens! : sphynx

The Sphynx cat is the first hairless cat breed that has been bred specifically for that trait. The breeding…

😍🐱 Gray Scottish Fold Kitten 🐾💖 - YouTube

The Scottish Fold is a medium-sized cat with medium sized boning. She is a very round looking cat.

American Shorthair

American Shorthair cats are most famous for their brown or grey tabby coat, but they can come in many different…

Maine Coon Cat - Full Profile, History, and Care

The Maine Coon is known for its large size and thick double coat of long hair which is well suited for the harsh…

101 Types of Persian Cats: Colors, Breeds & Patterns (With Pictures) - ExcitedCats

The Persian is the glamor puss of the cat world. His beautiful, flowing coat, sweet face and calm personality…

cat #cute Instagram'da BSH Cats Care (@_britishshorthaircats_):

The British Shorthair is the oldest recorded breed in England, thought to have descended from domestic cats which….

So you're thinking about getting…a Ragdoll Cat | My Pet and I

Ragdoll cats are known to be gentle, calm and sociable. Affectionate without being demanding…

Mother Cat And Kittens 🐱 Bengal Kittens 4.5 Weeks - YouTube

The Bengal cat is a relatively new breed of cat thatwas originally created by crossing an Asian Leopard…..

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Fantastic Customer Service and very professional help with all of questions. My Pitbull Puppy arrived safely and well looked after during delivery and team helps even after purchase with questions or concerns about live animals.

Denitsa T Shams

Excellent! Recently bought a Pomeranian Puppy and it was couriered super fast (within 24 hours). Have had to wait a lot longer from elsewhere. Was contacted before dispatch for evidence of set up which was fine and expected. All in all, very happy!

Michael Pawel

Ordered for the first time got two Maltese Puppies they arrived so healthy well packed and am over the moon with them the customer service is amazing to i spoke to a guy called Aaron he made me feel so welcoming over the phone means a lot to me that as i suffer from bad anxiety so it made me feel so much better with everything you now have my royalty and will always use your business thank you so much

Andrew Smith

Brilliant, i was new to owning a Bulldog Puppies and i visited the shop to get more information and advice. They answered all my questions as well as letting me handle some Kangaroos to make sure i was happy with them Highly recommend Farmland pets, friendly helpful staff and go the extra mile to ensure their customers and animals are happy and well looked after.

William Woven