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Macaws, like other parrots, should be supervised while they are enjoying their toys to ensure that they don’t accidentally swallow toy parts or otherwise injure themselves.


macaws are large birds that require big enclosures a minimum of 15 m (50 feet) in length, where they can fly for at least part of the year. In their natural habitat, macaws spend much of their days flying around, foraging for food. In companion care, they enjoy a tasty variety of sprouted seeds, nuts, fruits, vegetables, wholemeal bread, cubes of cheese, as well as nutritionally complete kibble.  

Macaws are vigorous chewers that require plenty of unsprayed bird-safe branches and perches such as fir, pine, willow, and elder to sink their beaks into. Heat sterilized pine cones, wooden and leather toys also provide a lot of chewable satisfaction. Other good sources of enrichment include swings, ladders, and complex toys to help keep their active minds engaged and prevent feather plucking and other damaging behaviors.


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