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Macaws are beautiful and extremely graceful parrots. These birds are not mainly known for their talking abilities, though they can imitate human speech and can be magnificent companion birds. Macaws are renowned for their size, their long tail feathers, their very big vocalizing, and their powerful beaks!



One physical characteristic that separates macaws from other parrots is their facial features. Macaws have bare patches of skin on their faces, and these can vary in size depending on the species of macaw. For example, the yellow ring around a Hyacinth Macaw’s eyes isn’t feathers; it’s the color of its skin! Each macaw’s face is unique, and the feather patterns are similar to human fingerprints: there are no two alike in the world!

Origin and History

Macaws are “New World” parrots, meaning they are found only in the Western Hemisphere of the world. Macaws are native to Mexico, Central, and South America. They can be found in rainforested areas, as well as in woodlands and on savannahs.

Macaws do an incredible job of blending in with their environment. With their brilliant rainbow-colored feathers, they camouflage themselves with the foliage (leaves and branches of plants and trees) and with the fruits and vegetables that they include in their diets.

Macaws are brilliant, social birds. In the wild, macaws can be found in flocks of ten to thirty birds. With a long lifespan (at least 50+ years), they are known to mate for life. When the female macaw lays her eggs (usually two to three), the male’s role is to provide food for her as she sits on the clutch until the eggs hatch in approximately 26-28 days.

The macaws’ diet in the wild consists mainly of fruits, seeds, flowers and stems, nuts, insects, and snails! Some macaws are also known to eat the clay from river banks. Some scientists believe that this helps them to digest some of the foods that they eat!

 SIZE: Larger macaw species range from about 20 inches up to 42 inches, including their long tails; mini macaws are more manageable at 10 to 20 inches in length.


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