teacup maltese puppies for sale


teacup maltese puppies for sale

  • Breed: Maltese
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: 12 weeks
  • Status: Available
  • Registry: AKC
  • Registered: on all shots
  • Delivery: We deliver worldwide
  • Transportation cost by Pet Cargo is on us for the following mentioned airports: LAX, MIA, LAS, ORD, SFO, SEA, IAD, DFW, ATL, YYZ and YVR. We deliver worldwide. teacup maltese puppies for sale


teacup maltese puppies for sale

About Lilac

This is Lilac! Lilac has a beautiful and unique look; doesn’t she? She also has an amazing personality to match. Lilac loves everyone she meets and loves to shower you with all of her sweet puppy kisses. Lilac will have a nose to tail vet check and arrive up to date on her vaccinations. You cant go wrong with this cutie. Lilac is so anxious to meet her new family. Her bags are packed and ready to go! teacup maltese puppies for sale

About Maltese

One of the oldest of the European toy breeds, the Maltese has been a lap dog to royalty for centuries. This all-white dog has silky hair instead of fur, often making it more tolerable for those who are allergic. Maltese love to be pampered, cuddled and held, and typically form strong attachments. They are gentle and affectionate, and are easy to train, especially when training is started early. Maltese have a medium energy level and do well indoors or in Small Living Spaces. This breed is known to be by their owners’ sides at all times, and is sure to charm anyone they meet! teacup maltese puppies for sale


We do all of the  work – screening and vetting breeders, performing health checks and coordinating travel so you can focus on what really matters: welcoming home your new furry family member! teacup maltese puppies for sale


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