Toco Toucan For Sale


The best-known of the toucan species, the Toco toucan boasts a colorful, over-sized bill. Both males and females of the species have these large bills, which can be as long as seven and a half inches. They use their bills to reach food in trees and will toss little food treats to each other during courtship rituals.



Toco Toucans are the largest of all the toucans and they have the widest distribution of any toucan species, ranging throughout Brazil, otni Argentina and Bolivia to the South, Peru to the West and as far north as Guyana and Surinam. Tocos were first bred in captivity at the Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia, SC in 1976 and since then they have been bred in a number of zoos and private collections across the U.S. They lay 3-4 white elliptical shaped eggs in a hollow nest log. Incubation lasts 16 days with young fledging at 46-50 days of age. Toco Toucans are the longest lived toucan at 30 years and the most intelligent. They are the only toucan seen in movies and in free flight bird shows and make fantastic pets – the best of all the toucan species. The Tocos in the free flight bird show at Disney World in Orlando came from Emerald Forest Bird Gardens. They are listed on Appendix II of CITES and can no longer be imported.


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