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Scarlet Macaws For Sale.

Our Babies will make great companions. Show them a little love, proper training, and socialization, these birds are sure to brighten the homes and lives of the people that choose to keep them. They are Colorful and intelligent, these birds have inherent playful and affectionate nature blended with charming personalities. 

All of our birds available for sale come with an extensive health guarantee: We guarantee that the bird you are acquiring is free from any harmful diseases and does not have excessive amounts of any harmful bacteria.

Evaluating our baby birds after purchase is your responsibility; should there be any minor health issues that require treatment, we pay for all medications and all medical treatment at a Veterinarian of our choice. If a Vet exam reveals a life-threatening disease or serious genetic issues, then we will either replace your baby or give you a full refund of the purchase price.

All of the above having been said, we will not nor have we ever sold a bird which we thought was ill. It is for this reason that we offer the above guarantee; you are not required to test your parrot, but if you do, we have a strong guarantee to assure you of a healthy parrot.

We look forward to a long relationship with our customers and their birds. Our goal is to be with you for the next 30-50 years, providing expertise, and advice for your companion parrots. We are experience breeders and we take pride in breeding healthy  parrots and other parrots species.

Scarlet Macaws

If you already own a parrot and are trying to get help to understand your pet better give us a call or email us. We are Bird Behaviorist Specialists and we do have a couple of scarlet macaws for sale. We can also teach you how to modify your parrot’s behavior and help you teach your parrot to become a better family pet.


While comparatively docile at most times of the year, scarlet macaws for sale may be formidably aggressive during periods of breeding. Scarlet macaws are monogamous birds, with individuals remaining with one partner throughout their lives. The hen lays two or three white eggs in a tree cavity. Buy Scarlet Macaw. The female incubates the eggs for about five weeks, and the chicks fledge from the nest about 90 days after hatching. They leave their parents about a year later. Juveniles reach sexual maturity at five years of age.


Scarlet macaws eat mostly nuts, seeds, and fruits, including hard seeds and sodium packed dirt. The scarlet macaw price is above the price of a mini macaw and can only be compared to the price of a blue and gold macaw.

Scarlet macaw price:

Our scarlet macaw price usually starts at $1000, but if you are returning client you can purchase one from us at a hundred dollars less.


A typical sighting is of a single bird or a pair flying above the forest canopy, though in some areas flocks can be seen. They may gather at clay licks. Scarlet macaws communicate primarily through raucous honks; however, vocal communication is highly variable, and captive macaws are known to be adept mimics of human speech.

We do all of the work - screening and vetting breeders, performing health checks and coordinating travel so you can focus on what really matters: welcoming home your new furry family member!

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Excellent! Recently bought a Varanus Macraei and it was couriered super fast (within a week). Have had to wait a lot longer from elsewhere. Was contacted before dispatch for evidence of set up which was fine and expected. All in all, very happy!

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